Technical Services

If you are having difficulty implementing your Quality, Environmental or Safety Management System, we have experience in developing and implementing the following systems. This includes other Business System needs such as; Nuclear, Recycle, Occupational Health and Safety, etc.:

  • AS9100
  • AS9110
  • AS9120
  • AS9115
  • AS9102
  • AS9003
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 17025
  • ISO 45001
  • DCMA 8210.1 (EX: AR95-20, 3710.1, etc.)

We have experienced, qualified, and certified personnel that can help your business, and technical issues related to:

  • Becoming a Certificated 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station, 14 CFR Part 21, or help with CASE 1A, CASE 3A, and ASA 100; Meeting EASA, CAAC, Transport Canvas, etc.
  • Quality Inspection Systems
  • Supplier Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Risk Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Project Management
  • Business/ Financing Plans: Expansion, Facilities, and Equipment
  • Feasibility Studies/ Market Analysis
  • ITAR
  • Export Control (EAR)
  • Non-conformity and corrective action process
  • Human Factors
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Auditor Mentoring program for auditors looking to achieve certification


If you’re interested in taking any of our courses (certified & non-certified), we are now offering Virtual Training to help facilitate travel restrictions with COVID-19. Call to schedule.

We at QUAL-TECH hope everyone is safe and taking whatever precautions are necessary to ensure the health and welfare of themselves and their families. With the impact of the Covid-19 virus we have been asked if we are still offering support and training. 
We are. 
We are allowed to offer all of our classes (except the AATT) virtually at this time. Please contact us for more information. 
For those of you needing consulting assistance, we are here to help using virtual tools (as we already have with a number of clients). 
Praying you all stay safe and healthy.
Kimberly and Ron Tarach