The Change to “IA9100”

The IAQG is moving to one SDO – Standards Development Organization.

  • Previously each sector; the Americas, Europe, Asia had their own rules for review, additions, approval and publication.
  • Administration has been difficult. Translation has been one of the key issues but will now be part of the “workflow process”.
  • With the move to one SDO, response time with be faster with more visibility and one defined process.
  • A Coordination Draft is scheduled for release in November.
  • IF everything stays on schedule there would be a Release Ballot in June 2024 and potential release late 2024 but more likely 2025.
  • Consideration of Climate Change in the Clauses 4.1/4.2, Context of the Organization.
  • Stronger link to AS9145/APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning.
    • There is an ongoing discussion regarding a path for AS9145 Approval.
    • It would only be finalized if industry required it.
  • Consideration of the requirements of the FAA and EASA which detail an SMS (Safety Management System) to ensure Product Safety. It would contain the verbiage “as appropriate”.
  • AS9100 Clause 8.1.4 Prevention of Counterfeit Parts NOTES are now being considered as SHALL’s.
  • Ethical Behavior: focus on the importance of Leadership to ensure a strong culture is in place.
  • FOD Prevention: adding a requirement, not just a NOTE, in clause 8.1 for Operational Planning and Control.
  • Information Security: Adding provisions and considering adding a clause – 7.1.7. Organizations can use;
    • ISO Standards – 27001
    • Regulatory Requirements – FARs
    • Defense Requirements – DFARs
    • CMMC Cybersecurity Maturity Level Approvals
  • Continual Improvement clause 10.3: Note to be added that “organizations should evaluate their system maturity”.
         —AIMM – Assurance Improvement Maturity Model may be referenced.
         —Created by the AS9100/IA9100 team and addresses all SHALLS.
         —It can apply to individual processes such as design, or the entire system.
         —The tool is based on outcomes and may assist with a system further improving tangible results and value.

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