AATT 9100 Transition

Training Providers:

This communication is intended to serve as a reminder that Supplemental Rule 003 paragraph 8c. identifies that the “TP’s shall not deliver SMS approved training that includes previous versions of the AQMS standards after June 15, 2017.”

In accordance with this supplemental rule it has been confirmed that the existing Aerospace Auditor Transition Training (AATT) will not be offered after June 15, 2017.  All training providers should cancel any scheduled sessions in the AATT, and inform any scheduled participants that sessions will be rescheduled in the future.

The IAQG Strategy Working Group has authorized an update the existing AATT to the 9100:2016 and 9101:2016 standards. While the specific timeline for the AATT update is still being determined, it will likely be available in third quarter 2017.

Effective June 7, 2017, it will not be possible for prospective auditors to purchase the online 9100:2009, 9110:2012 or 9120:2009 Online Training Courses/Final Examinations and Bundles.  Additionally, it will not be possible for Training Providers to schedule any new 4-day 9100 AATT sessions on the IAQG AATT Admin Site until the re-launch occurs.

Prospective auditors currently in the Retake Examination process will have approximately one (1) year to complete the necessary examinations. It will not be possible to complete examinations or retakes for the current programs after June 15, 2018.  Prospective auditors who successfully complete retake examinations under the old AATT process will still be required to complete the appropriate 2016 Delta Training to be fully authenticated.  Prospective auditors who have not successfully completed the associated course requirements by the deadline, or who exceed the maximum number of permitted retakes, will be required to follow the revised tra ining process as a new participant.

The IAQG OPMT apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause.